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Assistant Safety Pharmacologist

Covance 12/28/2018 10:19:01 AM
JOB ID: 26712 Category: Scientific Mid Level
Madison, Wisconsin



Job Overview

We have a great opportunity for an Assistant Toxicologist in our Safety Pharmacology group at our Madison, WI lab. Covance's work in developing new pharmaceutical solutions has an incredible impact on millions of lives worldwide. Be a part of this life-saving work. Help improve patients' lives while growing your career.

In this entry-level role, you will provide administrative and scientific support to Study Directors within the Safety Pharmacology business unit. Activities include pre-study tasks (i.e. protocol development, costing, scheduling), monitoring the in-life progress of assigned studies, interacting with clients, preparing report components (i.e. drafting progress reports, writing report procedures), and reviewing results and conclusions in final reports for accuracy. This individual is also responsible for set-up, collection, selection, and analysis of physiology study data.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Provides backup support for Study Director on day-to-day study‑specific activities or tasks
* Initiates costing and scheduling requests
* Participates in preinitiation, prewriting, and other study-related meetings, as required
* Takes and distributes Preinitiation Meeting minutes
* Draft protocols and revisions for Study Director review and approval with minimal supervision
* Verifies that project schedule sheets accurately reflect the requirements of the protocol.
* Coordinates study and reporting process on assigned studies
* Establishes proficiency in specific software used in study conduct
* Establishes proficiency in specific software and equipment used by Safety Pharmacology (DSI Open Art, Ponemah Analysis system, transmitters, receivers, DEM's, plethysmography chambers, amplifiers, etc.)
* Learns to troubleshoot most computer problems and resolve issues during set‑up, collection, analysis and transfer
* Responsible for setting up systems to collect all cardiovascular, respiratory or other data based on the study design and protocols
* Proficient in aspects of data management including data selection, ECG cutting, and blood pressure and respiratory data analysis
* Responsible for all computer based activities such as baseline data collection, protocol set-up, data collection, and data transfer
* Monitors critical phases of studies and reports any problems or deviations to Study Directors
* Manages test article acquisition, MSDS distribution, and test article disposition, as appropriate
* Compiles data and drafts summary reports for periodic study progress
* Reviews data packages from the lab areas and identify deficiencies
* Write and prepare study procedures, tables, and graphs for the report
* Learns to coordinate the receipt and incorporation of contributor reports into the main safety pharmacology report
* Performs preliminary review of reports to assure completeness and accuracy prior to formal peer reviews
* Performs formal peer review
* Addresses QA audits and client comments relating to report with limited oversight
* Ensures that all client comments are addressed and documented in a timely manner and that revised or final reports are scheduled and mailed
* Assists, or co‑ hosts, client visits and writes up debriefing notes. Accompanies clients during lab visits to observe critical phases, provides data upon request, and responds to questions or additional client requests
* Assists with process improvement and assists in their resolution
* Assists with software validation as needed


* Bachelor's degree in a related science field; Experience may be substituted for education


* Two to three years' Experience in toxicology/safety pharmacology related operations or a Master's Degree in a science field

Position Type: Full-Time

Location: Madison, WI - Wisconsin


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