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Regional Study Coordinator

Covance 6/19/2018 12:53:35 PM
JOB ID: 21146 Category: Clinical Operations
Tokyo, Japan



Job Overview

The Regional Study Coordinator (RSC) is responsible for the successful delivery of all operations of a clinical study in their specific area of the world. The RSC acts as the appointed Liaison between Global Project Management, Client Representatives and other CCLS departments involved in the clinical study to ensure the successful management of regional study responsibilities. The Regional Study Coordinator may communication with the Client when a task is being delegated by the Global Study Manager. Regular communication is essential with the appointed Global Study Manager who is accountable for the entire protocol. This position must be in compliance with the CCLS Global Project Management strategy and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and performance.


Minimum Required:

* High School Diploma
* Ability to use computer and office software applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, MS-Access and Outlook)
* Strong interpersonal skills
* Strong in English
* Chinese and Japanese language a good asset
* Influence and negotiation skills


* (2) year vocational or Associate's Degree


Minimum Required:

* Preferred 1 year Experience within Covance or 2 years Experience in applicable field
* Demonstrated ability to plan and prioritize.
* Demonstrated communication and organizational skills.
* Demonstrated attention to detail.
* Proven ability to excel in a fast paced environment
* Proven teamwork
* Proven Experience and knowledge of processes and tools used in department
* Demonstrated ability to liaise with internal departments
* Demonstrated ability to facilitate meetings
* Demonstrated participation in process improvement initiatives

2 years customer service Experience , preferable in pharmaceutical industry (Education may be substituted for Experience )

Position Type: Full-Time

Location: Tokyo, JPN - Japan


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