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Head Oncology Biomarker Solutions Center

Covance 5/17/2018 6:12:48 AM
JOB ID: 16128 Category: Other
Regional, Nationwide



Job Overview

We are seeking a Head of Oncology Biomarker for our growing Biomarker Solutions Center. This position will work with our clients and internal labs to drive biomarker studies. The individual can work in one of our global labs or remote. This position will be responsible for providing tactical and strategic project leadership, developing priorities and processes, liaising with clients and building the Biomarker Solutions Center. This is a Worldwide position and can be based out of any office or work remote. Responsibilities will include the following:

* Develops internal process for Oncology disease linked biomarkers solutions
* Works with clients to provide expert advice on biomarker selection, characterization and development for their clinical trials in a timely fashion
* Interacts with LabCorp/Covance technology groups to assure appropriate lead scientist are established to direct the assay development and implementation of the biomarkers in clinical research studies, including clinical trials
* Develops internal contacts to rapidly assess the incoming proposals and provide on time response to clients' needs
* Supports Companion Diagnostics (CDx) by working with the existing SMEs and Business Development staff,
* Supports integrated sales, and patient recruitment strategic initiatives

* Supports the management of the budget and resourcing for the overall program developing and implementing plans for maintaining a database of the Company's testing capabilities that can be used as a resource for internal and external stakeholders
* Ensures that BSC team members are developed in accordance with their aspirations and the Company's needs, and connecting the team with like professionals throughout Covance/LabCorp to encourage networking and collaboration
* Strategic Project Leadership for Oncology in the BSC:

* Contributes to the overall strategy and direction, including adapting and modifying objectives based on deep knowledge of the subject matter, feedback of team members and other stakeholders, and being focused entirely on this program.
* Proactively establishes capabilities in areas of greatest needs
* Partners with LabCorp/Covance business units, medical and scientific leaders to understand and communicate BSC solutions in Oncology.
* Provides scientific input into the development of a long-term product strategy roadmap for Oncology, informed by client needs and competitive offerings.
* Provides scientific input into defining value propositions for multiple audiences, including: clients, investigators, and patients.
* Assesses and monitors strategic position and marketplace presence of key competitors in Oncology across all Covance business areas.



Requires: Bachelor's degree.

Preferred: PhD, Master's, MD or MBA preferred


* Minimum 5 years of Pharma/CRO/and or diagnostic environment focused in Oncology Biomarkers.
* Experience in providing scientific and/or medial expertise for developing biomarker strategies to support drug development plans
* Proven ability to develop and execute business strategy at a senior level
* Demonstrated skills in leading a team and working across groups within an organization
* Experience interacting with drug development teams, clients, and regulators
* Familiarity with the various regulatory obligations (e.g. GLP, GCP, CAP, CLIA)
* Experience d within the therapeutic area of Oncology. With a sound understanding of Oncology preclinical, clinical drug development and biomarker/companion assay development are preferred, as demonstrated by publication of manuscripts in scientifically relevant journals, books and/or presentation at international scientific meetings.
* Experience d in leading major projects to successful outcome
* Collaborative and team building skills critical

Position Type: Full-Time

Location: Regional, NAT - Nationwide


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