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GLSS Administrator I

Covance 4/19/2018 7:06:29 AM
JOB ID: 19292 Category: Scientific Bachelor s Degree
Regional, Singapore



Job Overview

The GLSS Administrator I is accountable for local GLSS activities and global Asia Pacific (APAC) GLSS activities with accountability to GLSS management, to ensure completion of GLSS duties pertaining to Lab Operation Support.

General Duties and responsibility

* Responsible for policies, procedures, and maintenance required to support all systems and applications owned and managed by GLSS

* Provide back up to GLSS Coordinator

* Provide support for training when needed for new GLSS Coordinator

* Based on business need, may be assigned tasks at level above (GLSS Administrator I)
* Monitor and report performance metrics report notable variances to senior staff.
* Individual is responsible for maintaining his/her complete up-to-date training file. Individual is responsible for ensuring he/she is trained and training is documented prior to performing a task. Individual is accountable for any deficiencies found in his/her training file.
* Participate in team tasks related to planning, budgeting and cross CCLS management team issues
* Support a culture of continuous improvement, quality and productivity
* Provide a monthly report to the Manager.
* Other duties as assigned

General Laboratory Support (GLS)

Accountable for investigating GLS inquiries, issues and their root causes identification; resolves issues when possible.

* Responsible of General Laboratory Support requests completion in time
* Responsible of global/local communication with other department than Lab Operation such as but not limited to, Logistic, Procurement, Project Management and Quality Assurance to identify and improve lab efficiencies (including lab items consolidation, maintenance of lab equipments etc.)
* Responsible for completing professional organization membership renewals and accreditation for Directors (CQ holders).
* Responsible for gathering and drafting all related information for the CER's documents by working with Finance, Procurement and GLSS Management
* Responsible for re-certification of all cross-departmental ancillary equipment calibration, maintenance and repair.

* WLOS Combinable Data (CD) duties and responsibility

Responsible of supporting Quality Controls (QC) Laboratory Monitoring tools configuration, set up and QC transmission in defined timelines
* Responsible to perform CAP PT evaluation for the Laboratory Operation and manage Metrics
* Responsible of supporting Global QC Reservation and Global Correlations activities by liaising with Combinable Data group globally. Assist with global internal and external communication with QC providers and Laboratory Global Heads
* Responsible to maintain the QC Laboratory Monitoring tool operational in supporting QC transmission issue to QC Data Management Database by troubleshooting and investigating until resolution.
* Responsible of supporting, assisting or managing technical training of laboratory personnel on QC Laboratory Monitoring tools upon demand.
* Responsible for coordinating local Proficiency Testing (PT) programs: ensures local departmental testing sites meet deadlines for proficiency survey responses; distributes survey samples to ensure timely return of data forms as required. Maintains up to date files for PT program.
* Responsible for working with PT agency contacts and Lab Directors to ensure annual subscriptions to PT programs are accurate; provides updates to subscriptions as required.
* Laboratory Compliance Support

* Responsible of instrument qualification documentation completion and coordination with management, laboratory staff and co workers.
* Responsible of APAC instruments qualification planning
* Responsible of managing regulatory compliance activities linked to FDA 21CFRPart11 and ensure global understanding and implementation with lab operation and co workers.
* Responsible of coordinating and ensuring compliance enhancement and changes are reflected in GLSS procedures in collaboration with Lab Management, Quality Assurance and Global Compliance Team.
* Demonstrates expert knowledge in the area of regulatory compliance.-

Minimum Required:

BS, MT (or equivalent) with one (1) or two (2) year(s) clinical laboratory Experience , or BS, science (or equivalent) with two (2) years clinical laboratory Experience , or an AS, MLT (or equivalent) with three (3) years clinical laboratory Experience or a minimum of 6 to 9 months successful Experience as Associate Technical Administrator or a minimum of one (1) year of successful Senior QC Administrator Experience .


Minimum Required:

* MT (Medical Technologist) -one or two years of Experience
* MLT( Medical Laboratory Technologist) -two years of Experience

* Strong planning, organizational, and problem solving skills.
* Ability to multi-task
* Ability to work Independently
* Attention to detail


* CCLS bench Experience

* Fluent in English, Mandarin (Shanghai only)

Position Type: Full-Time

Location: Regional, SGP - Singapore


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