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Respondent & Database Manager (Food Solutions)

Covance 4/18/2018 1:24:32 PM
JOB ID: 18127 Category: Product Development Food
Minneapolis, Minnesota



Job Overview

We are seeking a Respondent & Database Manager to be responsible for ensuring the successful recruitment of qualified respondents for current and future research studies conducted in both Plymouth, MN and Livermore, CA. There are four areas of particular focus:

* Strategic planning and visionary leadership of the recruiting and customer care department
* Oversite and ultimate responsibility for test recruiting fulfillment
* Current and future health of the respondent database
* Interdepartmental coordination, collaboration and support

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Strategic planning and visionary leadership of the recruiting and customer care department.
* Define and lead the direction of the department to ensure alignment with company strategic goals.
* Ensure organizational structure of the department provides for efficient, high quality current operations, opportunities for growth in department scope and responsibility, opportunities for individual advancement, and succession planning.
* Refine and maintain transparent sustainable department personnel management practices including hiring, training, appraising performance, rewarding and disciplining, coaching, and promoting.
* Champion technological advancement as a means to expand capabilities, improve respondent and employee Experience , and reduce cost.
* Continually assess operational execution with an eye to continuous improvement of quality, efficiency, and respondent Experience .
* Oversite and ultimate responsibility for test recruiting fulfillment

* Think critically with Project Managers and Client Service Directors in translating test design into sound recruiting design that maximizes the ability to meet all desired test specifications within the defined budget.
* Oversee development and maintenance of department processes that ensure the quality and efficiency of the recruit throughout the project lifecycle and ensure consistent meeting of test specifications.
* Ensure that processes are repeatable, transparent and flexible.
* Actively pursue new recruiting approaches and tools that will expand capabilities or reduce cost.
* Develop and maintain recruit risk assessment, management, and solution communication tools that will help engage risk mitigation processes in a timely manner.
* Back risk mitigation recommendations with data.
* Develop and maintain measurement tools to measure recruit success in terms of budget, efficiency, and quality.

Current and future health of the respondent database

* Develop and maintain measurements of current database that:
* Inform feasibility and executional approach of potential projects.
* Identify and prioritize specific gaps in database composition that, if filled, will better align the active database to company strategic goals.
* Identify cleaning and maintenance procedures that can re-engage lapsed respondents.

* Develop and execute strategies to grow the database and re-engage lapsed respondents that are aligned with company strategic goals.
* Ensure a cohesive respondent Experience across all communication channels that adhere to laws and keeps in mind best practices.
* Actively pursue new communication channels that will help sustainably grow and engage the database of testers.
* Develop and transparently and consistently communicate policies that balance respondent and organizational needs.
* Ensure the highest level of customer service is delivered with each interaction whether digital self-service, remote customer care, or onsite customer care.

Interdepartmental coordination, collaboration, and support

* Coordinate and collaborate with the onsite operations team and the finance team to ensure the customer Experience onsite and with payment is consistent with messaging and at the highest level of customer service.
* Coordinate and collaborate with all departments to support project requirements in a way to minimize overall project risk, maximize the opportunity for client delight, and maximize the efficiency of the entire project team.
* Support the strategic vision of capabilities and services through critical thinking, thought leadership, change management within the recruiting department.
* Support project and company needs beyond recruiting with department resources as needed.


Four-year college degree required. Previous super-user Experience or Administrator Certification in Salesforce a plus.


Five to seven years' customer service and/or telemarketing Experience required. Experience managing a remote-based team and working on the vendor-side of CPG market research services is highly desirable. This position also requires advanced computer knowledge with the ability to navigate the Internet, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook advertisements and other programs; candidates must be comfortable learning new programs.

Position Type: Full-Time

Location: Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota


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