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Immunology Immunotoxicity JOBS - Madison, WI

Research Associate I - Immunotoxicology Madison, WI

Specialty: Immunology Immunotoxicity
evelopment skills by joining our team of scientists dedicated to making strides in early stage drug development and biologics. Expert level EIA and/or flow cytometry skills are a must. Learn more about our I&I group- In this role you will... * Maintain study documentation and laboratory records, * Assist in evaluation of data for incorporation into wr
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Research Associate II - Flow Cytometry Madison, WI

Specialty: Immunology Immunotoxicity
nd assay validation skills by joining our team of scientists! Expert level flow cytometry skills are a must. Covance Forms Immunology & Immunotoxicology Unit Focused on Biologic Drug Development Meet the team - In this role you will... * Develops technical procedures in various areas in compliance with appropriate SOPs, GLPs, and regulatory agency gu
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Covance Recruiting Process

Below is a general Overview of Our Recruiting Process

If you’d like to work for us, please submit your resume/CV online. If your ability to use or access our electronic application is limited due to a disability, please visit or call 1-800-978-4473 for help.

We consider applications from everyone who is interested in a position with us and who meets the required criteria and qualifications.

If your application is selected, someone from our recruiting team will contact you to arrange an initial screen. We may carry this out over the phone or at a face-to-face meeting. You must complete the screen to be considered for the position.

Based on the results of the initial screen, we may invite you to an interview. One of our recruiting team members will contact you to arrange this. The process may involve several interviews, initially over the phone, and then face-to-face with different members of the hiring team.

Our interviews follow a behavioral-based format. This means we’ll ask you to give us information that’s specific to your professional and educational experiences.

Hiring team members will share and discuss their input and then make their decision.

If you’re the person who best meets the requirements of the position, a member of the hiring team will get in touch to make you an offer of employment. Covance is an eVerify employer (United States only).