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Clinical Research Associate JOBS - Kansas City, MO

CRA II/ Senior CRA Kansas City, MO

Specialty: Clinical Research Associate
ve benefits. Your work will be meaningful, the patient outcomes are real, and the results are lasting. With the support of exceptional people from across the globe and an energized purpose, you'll be empowered to own your career journey with mentoring, training and personalized development planning. Our mission is to help our clients bring the miracles of medicine to market sooner -- join us for
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Adelaide, Australia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Athens, Greece

Atlanta, Georgia

Bangkok, Thailand

Barcelona, Spain

Beijing, China

Berlin, Germany

Bogotà, Colombia

Boston, Massachusetts

Brussels, Belgium

Budapest, Hungary

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Centurion, South Africa

Chantilly, Virginia

Charlotte, North Carolina

Chicago, Illinois

Cleveland, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dallas, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Dublin, Ireland

Edmonton, Alberta

Fort Myers, Florida

Guangzhou, China

Harrogate, United Kingdom

Houston, Texas

Istanbul, Turkey

Kansas City, Missouri

Kiev, Ukraine

Las Vegas, Nevada

Leeds, United Kingdom

Lima, Peru

London, United Kingdom

Los Angeles, California

Madison, Wisconsin

Madrid, Spain

Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Melbourne, Australia

Mexico City, Mexico

Miami, Florida

Milan, Italy

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Montreal, Quebec

Moscow, Russian Federation

Muenster Westfalen, Germany

Munich, Germany

Nashville, Tennessee

New York, New York

Newark, New Jersey

Orlando, Florida

Osaka, Japan

Paris, France

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix, Arizona

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Porcheville, France

Portland, Oregon

Princeton, New Jersey

Regional, Switzerland

Regional, France

Regional, Hong Kong

Regional, Ireland

Regional, Sweden

Riga, Latvia

Rome, Italy

Salt Lake City, Utah

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Shanghai, China

Singapore, Singapore

Sydney, Australia

Taipei City, Taiwan

Tallinn, Estonia

Tampa, Florida

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Ontario

Victoria, British Columbia

Warsaw, Poland


Covance Recruiting Process

Below is a general Overview of Our Recruiting Process

If you’d like to work for us, please submit your resume/CV online. If your ability to use or access our electronic application is limited due to a disability, please visit or call 1-800-978-4473 for help.

We consider applications from everyone who is interested in a position with us and who meets the required criteria and qualifications.

If your application is selected, someone from our recruiting team will contact you to arrange an initial screen. We may carry this out over the phone or at a face-to-face meeting. You must complete the screen to be considered for the position.

Based on the results of the initial screen, we may invite you to an interview. One of our recruiting team members will contact you to arrange this. The process may involve several interviews, initially over the phone, and then face-to-face with different members of the hiring team.

Our interviews follow a behavioral-based format. This means we’ll ask you to give us information that’s specific to your professional and educational experiences.

Hiring team members will share and discuss their input and then make their decision.

If you’re the person who best meets the requirements of the position, a member of the hiring team will get in touch to make you an offer of employment. Covance is an eVerify employer (United States only).