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Jobs in Denver, PA - Covance

Animal Technician
Covance  - Denver, PA
Covance is seeking an Animal Technician at our facility in Denver, PA. The Animal Technician will: ♦ Adhere to strict SOP's, directives and enforce regulatory compliance. ♦ Responsible for sanitation of the animal buildings, cages, and support areas in order to maintain a clean and healthy env ...
Animal Technician
Covance  - Denver, PA
Scientific Entry Level
* Perform bleeds, vaccinations, TB testing and sample collecting of animals * Administer tattoos and ear tags * Perform routine weighing of primates * Unload and unpack new animal arrivals int ...
CRP Summer Student Program
Covance  - Denver, PA
Administration Clerical
(3rd shift exempt from weekend and Holiday feeding schedules, unless needed) ♦ GRP/ and Good Documentation training required ♦ Must document sanitation practices. ♦ Bedding of animal pens and stalls ♦ Observation of animals, reporting health issues ♦ Assist with the receiving of animals into the ...

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